Chris Bordeleau

Howdy. This is my first attempt at setting up a photoblog so please give me a little leeway while I start.

I little about me. I’m originally from Lowell, Ma. We moved to western New York, where I live today, when I was 10. I moved back to Boston after college for a couple of years but moved back when I wanted to start a family.

My day job is working in IT for a large University system. Outside of work I’m a volunteer FireFighter. Between that and raising my two daughters, with my wife, I am a pretty busy guy.

After my family the thing I enjoy most is going to our off-grid cabin about a hour from home. I have a site dedicated to that, www.bethnchris.com, and a youtube channel, buffcleb. I try and spend part of each weekend there and longer when time permits.

So now to photography 🙂

I have been into photography for almost 20 years. I inherited my Grandfather’s Minolta x-700 camera and took a couple of photography courses @ Boston University.  Living in Boston at the time there was lots to photograph. Being young and poor though I could only shoot so much film, but the spark was lit.

Fast forward to today and I have mostly stuck with Minolta… first with a 600si, a Konica-Minolta 5d and today a Sony a77. The name has changed several times but you can still see the Minolta influences, good and bad.

I like that I have taken the road less traveled. Many of my friends think that the brand name on the camera makes the photo. I hope that I can show that this is not the case.

Recently I started dabbling with a new mistress though. I picked up a Fujifilm x100s and Yongnuo yn-560 iii flash. My goal is to stick with that camera for the next several months to see what it can do.

I mostly shot landscapes, nature and urban photography. I would like to do more portraiture and work on my lighting ability but my family is less then willing subjects most of the time 🙂

So my plan for this photoblog will be to chronicle my work and experimentation’s. I would like to progress in lighting, if I can find willing subjects. Post processing is also an area where I struggle. Getting the image from my head into print is always a challenge.

I have no plans to become a “Pro Photographer”. I have a day job and do not need another. I do have some of my work for sale through Fine Art America. I am just getting this started and I will be adding new and old work as time permits.

So this turned out longer then I though. If you have read this far thanks and I hope you enjoy the site.

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