BRIG Inflatable Boats
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Inflatable flooring
(air deck)
D200W D240W D265W D285W D300W D330W
  Length overall, cm 200 240 265 285 300 330
  Width overall, cm 124 129 136 153 153 160
  Passengers capacity 2 2 3 3 4 4
  Engine max, HP 3 3 4 8 12 12
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 Full rigid deck
 Inflatable flooring
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 Optional equipment

D200W D240W D265W D285W D300W D330W
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Standard features

Inflatable floor (air-deck) with inflatable keel
Tought raised rubbing strake
Integral transom for outboards
Ane-way drain valve
Wooden seat with holders
Oarlocks, oars and oar's stowages
3 towing bow rings
Substantial life line
Foot pump
Repair kit with the set of glue
Carry bag
User's manual